Monday, May 11, 2009

I am so proud...

Your kids are amazing! I gave them the opportunity to help and they came through like champs. About two weeks ago, I showed the students a blog where a fund raiser would take place to help feed families who literally ate from a dump in Honduras. They were all so touched and wanted to help.

On Tuesday, the fund raiser was taking place and a few students had brought some money but the majority had not. They were so upset with themselves. All morning I hear "man, I can't believe I forgot." So, I tell them to bring their money the next day.

I sent a comment to the blog fund raiser that we had $8 and would bring more the next day. That story spread like wildfire!!!!! People were so inspired by your children. When I showed the comments from others about the class those kids went nuts. My favorite comment was "We are feeding Honduras!" It was so touching to me.

When it was all said and done, the class brought in $24.50. It was amazing. I know they are givers! Your kids have learned what it means to help someone else. They now know they have to get involved! I could not be any prouder of these kids!

Read the comments from "The Dump Fund" post and see how inspired others have been from your children!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Dump Fund

Today our class is participating in a fund raiser for families that live in an actual dump in Honduras. Daily they dig through other people's trash to find enough for themselves and their families to eat. They do not have homes, they do not take baths, they do not have cars.....they live in a dump!

You can go to and see the details. Our class raised $8 and is going to try and bring more tomorrow. We ask you to join us in the effort to raise money to feed these people. We want to help and we hope you do to.