Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our Charity Project for the Year

Each year I try to incorporate charity work into our learning experience. In the past, classes have donated school supplies to hurricane victims, toiletries to tornado victims, and money to feed hungry children in Honduras. This year I would like to continue the efforts of raising money for the Honduras children. There are literally families living at a dump in Honduras that dig through other people's garbage to find food, clothing and shelter. A group from the U. S. is there feeding these people once a week and they need money to continue this effort.

Last year, Trey Morgan held a fund raiser on his blog to help feed these people. My class brought money to donate and had only raised $8 the first day. What we thought was a meager amount encouraged others to give. Those students inspired many others to donate $8 so our amount multiplied more than we will ever know.

This year I am asking students to think about the pictures we see and realize that children just like them live in this dump and depend on others to feed them. The government in Honduras is not able to step-in and intervene so it is left up to us to help. There will be a collection jar in the classroom for students to bring their change at any time. We will collect the money throughout the year and send our money in periodically to help with the efforts of feeding these starving Hondurans. I plan for us to draw pictures about things we do in the U. S. and send along to maybe be distributed to some of the children. I have not had this project approved through the workers in Honduras so we may have to choose something else to brighten the day of these children.

I have attached a few pictures and hope your hearts are pricked with compassion just like mine!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back-to-School Night

I want to thank all those that came to Back-to-School Night. We have 17 students in our class and 12 of them had a parent or grandparent attend. I enjoyed getting to visit with each and everyone of you and hope you feel comfortable to come back to visit our classroom again. The packet you received has extremely important information so hold on to the materials and refer to them if you have any questions. If you cannot find your answer there, then please contact me.

For those of you that were not able to attend, you may come by the classroom before or after school or during my conference time (8:50 - 9:35). I will be happy to share the information with you.

I look forward to working with your children this year!

Friday, August 7, 2009

WOW, It Is Almost Here!

Greetings my summer friends! School is quickly approaching and we just have to accept it. Part of me is really dreading having to get out of bed early and getting ready but part of me is excited about the new year and all the possibilities it holds. It is time to kick it into gear and psyche ourselves out and just do it. Have fun shopping for school clothes, school supplies, taking last minute trips, those last trips to the pool and anything else you may have lined out until August 24!!!

See you in a few weeks. It is going to be great!