Friday, May 21, 2010

Woo Hoo!!

TAKS scores came in and they are awesome! ALL of our class passed the reading and the math tests with flying colors.

In our class 12 students received Commended Performance in Reading. A student receiving this status could miss no more that TWO questions! WOW! And in math, seven students received Commended Performance. Three questions could be missed to receive this status in math.

We have had a great year so this was a perfect way to end it!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just Laugh!

I have this poster hanging by the door of my classroom and then I found this quote today. I truly, truly hope this is how my students feel when they are in my classroom!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Honduras Fund by Savannah

I went around classes picking up the money. How did I get classes to join to help and how did I do that? I wrote a letter to the classes saying please help our school raise money for the Honduras. All you have to do is ask people to help and because our school helped we now raised seven hundred seventeen hundred dollers and 81 cents. All together we raised $50,000 so now they are building a health care center for them, but we need more money than that. So please still be there and help us because there are children that are going to be born and they need medical care. Thank you for being there with us.

How I felt when I helped Honduras by Katelyn

When I helped Honduras it made feel good because they have to eat trash from the dump and they live in the dump. It also made me feel helpful because my class donated money for the Honduras.
Then we asked all the teachers in C.E.S. to help donate money so my class wrote letters to the teachers and some of them did and some of them didn't. So, we told them to try to donate money so the people in Honduras could eat good food. Then our classroom went to get the money from the classroom and the whole C.E.S. students came up with $717.81 now the Honduras can eat good food.

The Honduras Fund by Bryan

People from C.E.S. help raise $50,000. They did this so they could help people in Honduras. People to brought money to school to help and raised $717.81. About 300 people live in the dump. C.E.S. was happy to give the money.

Us Helping Hondurus By Dallas

I think this is a good example for the kids in C.E.S . And this is a good thing for the kids and adults that don't have any food in Hondrus we are trying to get every kid and adult food. So that way we can feel good and the adults too.

Why we helped the people at the dump by Jared

We helped the people at the Honduras dump by donating money. The reason we helped these people was they had to sleep in a house made of tires and the ceiling made of plastic. They also ate food that they found in the garbage and they could get sick by eating the food in the garbage.

What We Did by Jacob

Hi my names Jacob. This is what we did yesterday. We wrote letters to every teacher in the school asking them to donate money to the people in the dump. We earned $717.81! That will pay for them to eat and drink for about two days.

Going Good For Honduras by Chadyn

There are some people living in the dump in Honduras.
They are very poor.
They have no shoes, no clean beds, or a nice house.
A Man Named, Trey Morgan Was Hosting A Fundraiser For These People.
My Class Wanted To Help.
So We All Tried To Bring Money.
We Wrote Notes To All The Classes In C.E.S, To Try To Donate Money.
When We Got The Total On How Much C.E.S donated, We Were Amazed.
C.E.S Raised $717.81!!
We Were All Shocked, And Amazed On How Our School Raised That Much!!
Now with our help of money, The people are going to build a health center for the people living in the dump.
Me and the whole class are proud that we made a difference in the people's lives.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dump Day 2010

Today the class participated in a fund raiser to earn money for the people that live at the dump in Teguciglapa, Honduras. What an awesome day! Because of the efforts of your students $712.81 was raised by the students and faculty of CES. Wow....did you read that number?

Children are automatic givers, they are automatic forgivers, they are automatic helpers. Do you ever sit back and wonder what changes that spirit? The world is filled with all kinds of obstacles for our children. They are faced with pressures that you and I never faced as kids and will never understand. I hope you continue to help your child on their journey of giving, of caring. It can be tough at times to realize how fortunate you are but when those times arise, let your mind drift back to the images of the people living in that dump. Those children have never been clean. They have never sat at a table with dishes and silver ware. They have never had a clean glass of water. What they get came from the garbage or from someone handing it to them in a Styrofoam bowl or plastic bag. So we truly are a rich country WITHOUT the issues of starvation, exposure, filth.

Thank you for being the best parents you can be. You are doing a great job!