Monday, January 26, 2009

Learning Calligraphy

The Beginning

Slide Shows

I am in the process of trying to get photos onto the blog in a slide show format. I hope to categorize them. Keep checking back to see the new things we are doing in class.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Labels and Box Tops for Education

I encourage each of you to save your labels and box tops for our school. The money we receive helps our campus buy supplies and provides things for students that would either be taken out of the budget.

We are having a contest amongst the classes through the end of January. For every ten labels or box tops turned in a class can earn a "snowball". The "snowball" can be thrown at another class. It is exciting to see how many "snowballs" you can throw. The class that throws the most "snowballs" will win a hot chocolate party and have the privilege of winning an awesome trophy!

Keep saving those tabs!!

Last semester our class collected over 14,000 tabs!

We are still collecting tabs for the Ronald McDonald House. This semester we will weigh the tabs for our contest winners. A winner from each group will be named in May and treated to lunch at McDonald's. The students really have a great time when someone brings in a large amount of tabs. It is fun to hear all the "oohs" and "ahhs".

Save those tabs!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Our class with be using to learn, practice and test our spelling words each week. I will post our weekly spelling list to the site and students can access them from any computer with Internet access. We will use the website in class to learn our new words and some days we will be able to play games on the site to aid in studying. On Friday, students will use the site to take their spelling test and print out the results. I am excited about this new technology for many reasons. The students will get immediate feedback when playing games and testing. They will also be able to review at any time. By taking the test on line students can work at their own pace and will immediately know the results of their test and print outs of the tests with results will be sent home that day. There is no waiting for me to have time to grade them!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

GT Students Answer Problems Created by Sophomore Math Students

GT students enjoy blogging with Sophomore math students in Mrs. Steede's Geometry class daily. The Sophomore's created over 80 questions for the students to solve and post their comments. When all the students have completed a post a Sophomore student answers them. Students are corrected if they chose a wrong answer or even asked to resubmit another try.

This activity will eventually be made available to all students. The goal is for GT students to learn the procedures for posting comments to blogs and then be able to teach their classmates. In the future it will become an independent activity.

We Have Started a New Blog for our Class

3rd graders are so excited about technology and what all it can offer them. Some days I have to sit back and watch my students as they work so effortlessly through the computers. They seem so at ease with what they are doing. Even my students that do not have computers at home pick up the navigation skills so quickly. I have started this blog so students can create posts, make comments on various subjects and to keep parents updated on the activities of our classroom. I hope you enjoy it.