Thursday, September 10, 2009

Why Homework?

There are many views on the value of homework. Here are some of my views:
1) it allows a student extra practice
2) parents can actively take part in their child's learning
3) it establishes good study habits for later in life
4) it sets priorities in learning

Your child's education is the most important thing to me next to my own family. I encourage each of you to want to see what your child is learning and the process they take to learn the information. Homework gives you the insight to learning struggles as well as learning successes. It is not meant as a punishment to ANY child for any reason. It is to enhance the learning done in the classroom.

Take the time to sit with your child as they do their homework. We are all busy and most of the time, as parents, we tell our children to get their homework done and then let us check it. We rarely sit and actively participate. Sit on the sofa, on the bed and read books together. Let your child know you are interested in what they do at school!