Thursday, April 29, 2010

Honduras May 5

Just wanted to remind everyone of the Honduras Dump fundraiser on May 5. You can visit to read the details and stay updated throughout the day.

The students wrote letters to every class at Childress Elementary asking them to join in and help with this fund. Students were so excited to actually be trying to make a difference for the dump people. As a class we looked at pictures of the children at the dump for about 10 minutes. All the students were moved by the conditions that these children live in every day of their lives. Students realized that no matter how tough it can be at times with money they are truly rich for the pure fact they have a home and do have something to eat every day. It was very touching to watch your children open their hearts and their willingness to give THEIR money. Made me extremely proud to be their teacher!

I posted a few pictures of the "dump people" for you.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Wordle is the Word

Today we got to take a little time and have a little fun creating while still learning. The math and reading TAKS tests are coming in just two short weeks so we are making that last minute dash to polish those skills and focus on vocabulary. A fun way to review vocabulary was to create word art. Using, students brainstormed to think of as many math words as they could. They typed the words into Wordle, then chose a font, color and layout. Just a simple screen shot and printing and there you have it: your very own math vocabulary sheet Wordle style!